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A wiki for Daemon Bride and it's upcoming revision, Additional Gain.

Publisher: Examu
Developer: Examu
Genre: 2D Fighting game
Release Date: July/16/2009 (Additional Gain: 2011)

What is Daemon Bride?

Daemon Bride is Examu's second videogame series and play much differently from it's predecessor Arcana Heart. For example while characters are partnered together, they are not interchangeable like in Arcana Heart, also the game puts a bit more emphasis on projectile based combat. While it never saw a console release Examu released various singles, drama CDs, and even a revision prior to the upcoming Additional Gain.

Additional Gain?

A recently announced update to Daemon Bride, it adds balance changes to the existing 16 character cast and even adds a "new" character by the name of Nightmare. The game will also be fitted with NESiCAxLive. It will be on display at the 49th Amusement Machine Show in the Taito Booth.

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