Background Edit

"I will taint the world in White Judgment"
---Kuon Sumeragi, the White Light of Judgment

Nationality: Japanese
Birthday: September 1 (Virgo)
Age: 17
Height/Weight: 182cm/68kg
Bloodtype: A

Appearance/Fighting style

Kuon features the typical young student looks and attire : He is a brown-haired and brown-eyed young man wearing his school uniform, with the addition of a crossed belts and sheaths. His fighting style is a mix of quick draw and dual sword style


Kuon is a high-achieving student in the Jyouritsu Stella Academy. He also happens to be the student council president. His personality perfectly matches his role : hard-working, stern (to the point of being uptight). and with a strong sense of justice that goes a bit too far at times. To protect his school and attains his ideal of justice, he forms a contract with the Angel Michael

Michael Edit

"All I commit to you"
---Michael, the Eternally Sworn Valkyrie of Justice

Attribute: Light
Virtue: Justice


Michael has the appearance of a young blond girl with ponytail, that stands in sharp contrast with her wearing an armor and gears, along with a claymore-style sword. Like every Angel she has an attribute element, which is light.


Michael is a cheerful and somewhat careless, but very protective towards her contractor Kuon. She vows to serve him faithfully, showing her strong loyalty and personality.

Move List Edit

Normals Edit

Specials(Weapon) Edit

Heaven Thrust (236+A/B)

Aerial Judge (623+A/B)

Air OK.

Crest Bash (214+A/B)

Specials(Bride) Edit

Law Saber (236+C)

Air OK.

Law Lightning (623+C)

Air OK.

Law Flash (214+C)

Final Art Edit

??? (632146+AB)