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"I was dyed black because of you"
---Reizei Abane, the Rebellious Wings of Dark Love

Nationality: Japanese
Birthday: January 20 (Capricorn)
Age: 17
Height/Weight: 180cm/71kg
Bloodtype: O

Appearance/Fighting style

Reizei has all it takes to be considered a bad boy : Silver longish hair with uneven horns. gold eyes and tattoos. He wears a tight sleeveless black tank top with a red-feathered scarf, along with a huge chain from which a skull pendant hangs. The badass attire wouldn't be complete without his leather trousers, dual belts and fingerless gloves. He wields his katana single-handedly and uses it in a unrefined yet effective way : huge slashes while charging forward. He uses the power of Darhkness that Lucifer granted him to fire darkness bullets and beams.


Reizei is the former vice student council president. He used to get on well with Kuon and take his duty seriously, to the point he was considered to be Kuon's right arm. Everything changes when he falls in love with the demon he contracted to Lucifer : This event leads him to leave Kyouritsu Stella and forsake his former position to Asuma, and end up being chased by Kuon.

Reizei is good-hearted like Kuon, but his personality is completely at odds with his former friend. He is free-spirited and hates to be bound by rules, and tends to follow feelings and impulses over reason.

Lucifer Edit

" charming"
---Lucifer, the Darkness of Pride and Love

Attribute: Magic
Sin: Arrogance

Appearance/Fighting style

Lucifer has white hair with petals scattered accross and horns that are similar to the one Reizei now has. Her olny clothing consists of ribbons and a huge black cape. she fights with her arms and legs, along with the power of darkness that allows her to unleash energy projectiles or teleport at will.


Like the other Angels and Demons, Lucifer arrived on Earth after a large scale incident in Tokyo that causes several casualties. She seeks to overthrow rulers and refuses to be subjected to any kind of law. She finds a good partner in Reizei as they share similar views, although it isn't known whether his feeling for her are reciprocated or not.

Being a Major demon, Lucifer is prideful and has a strong personality.. However she shows signs of kindness and genuine car for Reizei, hinting at the fact she is not completely evil despite the fact she is a demon

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??? (236+X • X)

??? (623+X)

Air OK.

??? (214+X)

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??? (236+C)

Air OK.

??? (623+C)

??? (214+C)

Air OK.

Final Art Edit

??? (2363214+AB)